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Glenn Chafe


This website is dedicated to Glenn Chafe, who spent countless hours researching, cataloguing, and preparing the pages that you see here. It is a remarkable achievement.


The site is a collection of resources with hundreds of pages of content and extensive downloadable family tree files. We are all very grateful for Glenn's labour and dedication. May this website continue to honour his memory.


  The Chaffe/Chaffey/Chafe/Chaffee Family Home Website

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woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)History and Maps of Devon, England
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Devonshire Wills, by Charles Worthy, 1896
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Diaries of the Chafes, by Rev. W.K.W. Chafy, 1910
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffey's from Dorset/Somerset, 1584-1837
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffcombe History, 1978
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Who was Hugh of Chaffcombe?
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Chaffee/Chafee Lineage in America from 1637 Chafe Lineage in Canada from 1705
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)The Homestead of Thomas Chaffee (1637-1683)
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woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee Genealogy in America, by William H. Chaffee, 1909
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History and Maps of Petty Harbour
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woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)The Homestead of John Chafe (c.1685-1759) in Petty Harbour
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woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chafe's Resting in St. George's Cemetery, Petty Harbour
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Petty Harbour Church Record (PDF File)
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)D'Iberville's Raid on Newfoundland - 1696
Glenn Chafe Family Mowbray/Mulberry, McPhee, 145th Regiment, Hogmanay, National Geographic Index


The "Chaffe" surname originally came from the present village of Chaffcombe, Somerset, England.  The name Chaffcombe was listed in the Domesday Book commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086.  From that documented point the surname became tied to people from the village.  The surname usage grew in size largely in the Somerset, Devon and Dorset areas.  With the growth of the surname, both the written spelling and spoken word changed into a number of variations.  Between 1637 and 1816 key families emigrated to the United States, Canada and later Australia, expanding the surname population.  The five most common variations that share the same ancestry are Chaffe/Chaffey (England), Chafe/Chaffey (Canada), Chaffee/Chaffey/Chafee (US) and Chaffey (Australia).  This is a family of important and influential people, with many tied to major worldwide events.  They are actors, athletes, artists, benefactors, clergymen, community leaders, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, explorers, farmers, fishermen, inventors, millionaires, national heroes, politicians, professors, soldiers teachers and even an astronaut.  Ships, roads, hospitals, museums, schools, cities, an island, a lake, a mountain and craters on the Moon and Mars have been dedicated to them.  Please feel free to explore all the various links on this website and discover more about this very interesting surname.

Google EarthUse Google.Earth maps you can take a tour of all the family members and see the land they lived in. Click on this link, the click RUN and Google Earth will launch. The surname links will be added to your Temporary Places folder. Click on any link and read the related text.  Use the overlays to see the relationship between old archived maps and the current terrain. 

Virtually all the locations of our Famous Family Members are linked to Google.Earth or MS Virtual Earth, which has higher resolution photographs in some US areas.

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The following are key persons or web links that have contributed to our site:

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Thanks to Edward Chafe and Bruce Chafe for much of the information about the Chafe's in Newfoundland.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Thanks to Terry William Chaffee ancestor to Thomas Chaffee, the first Chaffee in the New World - July 1637.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Thanks to Susan Chaffey's and her work A Chaffey Family, which provides wonderful coverage of the history of the Chaffey family in England, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Thanks to Bruce Chaffee on his research on the ancient history of the surname.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Visit Richard Chaffey's
Chaffey Surname Website.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Visit Angus & Chloe Watson on their research on the The Chaffeys of Stoke sub Hamdon 1500 - 1680.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Visit the Chaffey Family by Douglas Chaffey.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Visit the Chaffee Website by Bob Coolbaugh for an extensive list of Chaffee's.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee/Ollises Web Site
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee Forums: Genealogy.com, Yahoo, Ancestry.com.

In addition the following historical material was used as reference:
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Devonshire Wills, by Charles Worthy, 1896.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee Genealogy in America, by William H. Chaffee, 1909.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Excerpts from the Diaries of the Chafes, by Rev. W.K.W. Chafy, 1910.
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)The Victoria History of the Counties of England - Chaffcombe, C.R. Elrington, 1978.

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