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Suzy Chaffee 1946-woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Suzy Chaffee: (1946- )  Born in Rutland, Vermont.  Suzy's great grandfather was George Thrall Chaffee.  She was Americas top downhill skier at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics.  An inventor of ski ballet and became a 3 times World Freestyle Champion.  Introduced on Johnny Carsons Tonight Show, she raised $1 million to start a national womens division.  Chaffee was offered her own TV show in 1977 but it failed to materilize.  She developed the Whole Life exercises and was the creator of a unique Body/MInd Consciousness.  She hosted CBS-TV's "Challenge of the Sexes".  She is honored in the Ski Hall of Fame for being a Champion of Alpine, Freestyle and Sport Builder.  She was the first woman to serve on the board of the US Olympic Committee, as well as the Presidents Council on Fitness for four Presidents.  While skiing and working with President Ford on a bill to streamline Olympic Sports in America, his ad man Jim Jordan, was so inspired with Chaffees idealism, that he dreamed up the "Suzy Chapstick" lip balm commercial.  Co-founding the Native Voices Foundation.  President Clinton wrote, "You are inspiring interracial harmony in America."

Antonia Margaret Chaffey 1948-Lake Tyrrell (diptych) by Antonia Chaffeywoodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Antonia Margaret Chaffey: (1948- )  Born in Crystal Brook, Flinders Ranges, in South Australia and the great granddaughter of William Benjamin Chaffey (1856-1926).  Antonia received her Diploma of Fine Art at SA School of Art and majored in painting and printmaking.  She travelled to the Middle East in 1991 after the Gulf War to work on an archaeological dig in Northern Syria.  She then travelled to Jordan and Egypt.  Deserts became a major source of her inspiration and upon her return to Australia she began field trips to the deserts of the Mallee and Lake Mungo.  She began a series of paintings and works on paper reflecting these landscapes.  She developed the "Garden Story" trilogy over the following three years reflecting on desert landscapes, showing the interaction between the earth, water, stone and indigenous plants.  She received a grant from Arts Victoria and major sponsorship from the City of Mildura to create the Commemorative Sculpture garden located near the Old Mildura Homestead and now part of the Chaffey Trail (34.1674S 142.1602E).  The garden incorporates indigenous flora, a central granite sculpture, plus granite seat with the inscription Memento Matrem, Latin for Remember the Mother, inscribed in its face, and a granite plaque.  It is dedicated to the mothers, wives and children of the founding Chaffey brothers.  Antonia was a contributor for Susan Chaffey's A Chaffey Family, which extensively covers the history of the Chaffey family in England, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Christopher David Chafe 1952-woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Dr. Christopher David Chafe: (1952- )  Born in Berne, Switzerland and son of Dr. Wallace L. Chafe.  BA - Music, Antioch College 1974; MA - Music Composition, University of California, San Diego 1977; DMA - Music Composition, Stanford University 1983.  Chris is a cellist and composer.  As a researcher at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM - Paris 1984), he developed methods for computer sound synthesis based on physical models of musical instrument mechanics.  He served as Chair of the Department of Music at Stanford from 1994-97.  He has won numerous awards for music composition.  Chris has written extensively in technical publications on the digital properties of music, the use of computers to aid in music composition and performance, and how to improve digital sound quality over the internet.  He is a professor and director of Stanfords Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Lincoln Davenport Chafee 1953-Lincoln Davenport Chafee: (1953- )  Born in Providence Rhode Island.  Lincoln earned a degree in Classics from Brown University in 1975, and later attended the Montana State University horseshoeing school in Bozeman.  For the next seven years he worked as a blacksmith at harness racetracks in the United States and Canada.  In 1983 he started working in manufacturing management.  His political career began in 1985, when he was elected a delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention.  He was then elected on the Warwick City Council, later elected Mayor of the City of Warwick and re-elected in 1994, 1996, and 1998.  He was appointed by the Governor of Rhode Island to fill the un-expired term of his father, the late Senator John H. Chafee, in November 1999.  In 2000, Senator Chafee was elected to a six-year term in the United States Senate.  He is a member of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, Chairman of the Superfund Subcommittee,  member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs and a member of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Glenn Earl Chafe: (1956- )  Born in Montreal and grew up in Greenfield Park, Quebec.  Glenn graduated in 1980 with a degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University.  He started work with Canadian National Railroad in 1981.  In 1985 he assisted in the building of two track geometry vehicles (TEST Cars), that used computer technology to measure track alignment, curvature and gauge in real time.  At the time, these vehicles were leading the railway industry in this form of inspection technology.  In 1987 he was the Project Manager responsible to mount light-scanner imaging systems (ORIAN) on the TEST cars, designed to measure rail wear - the first in the industry.  In 1993 he managed computer professionals in the CAD/GIS, Operations Research and computer modeling, allowing the company to see information using advanced graphical and analytical software.  In 1999 he managed a team in converting a large section of CN's computer code to be Year 2000 compliant.  In 2001 he started migrating the complex computer systems for CN's Engineering department into SAP, a large enterprise management software.  Glenn is an avid hockey and tennis player.  He is author of this website covering the lineage of the Chaffe, Chaffey, Chafe and Chaffee surnames.

The Optimists of Nine Elms - John Chaffey on leftwoodbullet.gif (174 bytes)John Chaffey: (1963?- )  A former child actor who was featured in many television ads as well as with Peter Sellers in the movie The Optimists of Nine Elms (1973).  Chaffey is now one of the UK's top osteopaths.  He did not act in any major films after the film.  Liz (Donna Mullane) and Mark (John Chaffey) are a pair of poor children trying to get by on the streets of London. In their travels, Liz and Mark get to know Sam (Sellers), a one-time music hall performer who performed for change with his dog on streetcorners.  Sam takes the youngsters under his wing and helps remind them of the simply joys of living that they've forgotten in their hardscrabble lives. The movie score was written by George Martin, best known for producing The Beatles' recordings.

Dave Chaffey 1963-woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Dr. Dave Chaffey: (1963- )  David's father, John Chaffey was born in Christchurch, Dorset.  John was a geography and geology teacher, and has written a number of geography books on Devon, Britain and the world.  John is now retired to Corfe Castle, Dorset.  After gaining his BSC and PhD, Dr. Dave Chaffey worked on corporate software projects for UK companies WH Smith, Northwest Water, and Ford Europe.  He was senior lecturer in Business Information Systems in the School of Business at the University of Derby from 1988-95.  He was a trainer and on the development team for e-marketing courses for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) since 1997.  His consultancy work in e-marketing includes developing and refining e-marketing plans; developing intelligence systems; and advising on techniques and agencies.  Chaffeys books include Internet Marketing: Strategy; Implementation and Practice (2000, updated 2002); E-business and E-commerce Management (2001); eMarketing Excellence (2001) and Total E-mail Marketing (2002, updated 2003).  He also writes the e-marketing column for Whats New in Marketing, a monthly e-newsletter. John now lives in Derby in the midlands of the UK.

Ross Chafe 1964-Ross Chafe 1964-woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Flags Unlimited LogoRoss Henry Chafe: (1964- )  Born in Montreal and raised in Greenfield Park, Quebec.  Ross earned his Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University; his Graduate Studies at the London Business School (UK); and his MBA Ivey School, at the University of Western Ontario.  He represented Canada on the men's road bicycling team at the Commonwealth (Edinburgh 1986) and Pan-Am Games.  He married Dr. Lizanne Bussieres who represented Canada as a marathon runner at the Summer Olympics (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992), the Pan-Am Games and Commonwealth Games (Edinburgh 1986, Victoria 1994 - Silver).  Ross is the Managing Director of Canada's largest flag manufacturing company - Flags Unlimited located in Barrie Ontario.  He and his family are now residing in the village of Saint-Jeannet, Provence, 10 km north of Nice, France.

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)USS Chafee DDG90USS Chafee DDG-90 (2002- )  Arleigh Burke Class Aegis Guided Missile Destroyer.  The Chaffee is named after John Hubbard Chafee of Providence, RI, (1922-1999).  The Chaffee is the 40th ship in her class and was launched in October 2002 at the Bath Iron Works, Maine.  Crew of 380.  511 feet long with a speed 30+ knots.  DDG class ships were the first in the U.S. Navy designed to incorporate shaping techniques to eliminate radar cross-section to reduce their detectability and likelihood of being targeted by enemy weapons and sensors.  The Chaffee's homeport is Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Internet
Chaffee.com - Chaffee Interactive,
Chicago, IL.
Chaffe.com - Chaffe, McCall, Phillips, Toler and Sarpy,
New Orleans, LA.
Chaffey.com - Chaffey Federal Credit Union,
Ontario, CA.
Chafee.com - vacant
Chafe.com - vacant
Chaffey.org - Chaffey High School
, Ontario, CA
Chaffey.edu - Chaffey College, Ontario, CA
Chafe.ca - Chafe's Flooring & Furniture, Port Hawkesbury, NS.
Chaffey.net - Chaffey County, CO.
Chaffeehistory.com - Chaffee Historical Society, Chaffee, MO.

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Chafe 280,000 188,000 162,867 921,000 1,090,000 165,685
Chaffey 244,000 110,000 103,746 819,000 872,000 102,090
Chaffe 33,700 25,400 20,567 99,900 136,000 23,588
Chaf 31,100 21,000 28,855 161,000 158,000 23,269
Chaif 11,600 25,800 18,546 30,700 40,600 6,535
Chafy 1,190 577 1,416 690 902 982

AreoBedwoodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Selected Patents
Chaffee, William H. - Telescopes for distance, #US34897, 1862
Chaffee, Russel - Stable gutter and scraper, #CA207087, 1921
Chaffee, Edward F. - Window sash, #CA403500, 1942
Chaffee, Randolph W. - Plastic composition, #CA434126, 1946
Chaffee, Joseph Gay - Radiant energy distance determining system, #CA455078, 1949
Chaffey, Reginald H. - Silencers and air intake silencers, #CA516382, 1955
Chaffee, Walter C. - Cutting depth control device, #CA579055, 1959
Chaffee, Arthur W. - Combination tape dispenser and removable label moistener, #CA637979, 1962
Chaffey, Stephen J. - Polishing and like apparatus suitable for operating on the bores of tubes or on other articles, #CA656192, 1963
Chaffee, Emory L. - Flame photometers, #CA759220, 1967
Chaffee, Roger H. - Filling machine for comminuted materials, #CA806014, 1969
Chaffee, Mack R. - Chip insertion, #CA911953, 1972
Chaffee, William H. - Method of providing ball ends on guitar strings, #CA995940, 1976
Chaffee, Donald L. - Multi-carrier high speed modem, #CA2014354, 1990
Various patent designs
Chaffee, Edwin G. - Method for assembly of laser mirrors, #US04892497, 1990
Chaffee, Roger G.  - High voltage insulator, #CA2046682, 1991
Chaffee, Daniel - Thermoformable laminate material and method of making the same, #CA2046131, 1991
Chaffee, Alan L. - Process for improving the quality of upgraded brown coal, #CA1281185, 1991
Chaffee, Paul H. - Cross phase modulation in an optical fiber, #US5015054, 1991
Chaffee, Linda - Multi-cycle refastenable tape closure systems, #CA2115362, 1992
Chaffee, Bradley - Encapsulated branched coolant hose, #CA1308044, 1992
Chaffee, Robert B. - Pneumatic support system Aero Bed, #US5367726, 1994
Chaffee, Janice M. - Method for asynchronous application communication, #US876889, 1994
Chaffee, Eleanor - Tabular grain silver iodobromide emulsion of improved sensitivity and process for its preparation, #US5358840,
Chaffey, Paul M. - Chord-operated switch assembly, #GB9823107.9, 1998
Chaffee, Alexander Day - Access control Eric Victor Siegel protocol for user profile management, #US9/808911, 2001
Chaffee, Nancy B. - Pocket towel, #AU2002365967, 2002
Chafe, Steven - Method and apparatus for sharing mobile user event information between wireless networks and fixed IP networks, #AU2002330223, 2002
Chaffee, Stuart - 2-amino-4-heteroarylaminopyrimidine derivatives for use in the treatment of cancer, #CA2458011, 2002
Chafe, Paul C. - Wind turbine with inlet cells, #CA2418082, 2003
Chaffey, Ian - Tabeze tea holder, #AU2002952960, 2003
Chaffey, Rosalind - Hand-held UV protection sun umbrella, #AU2003100879, 2003
Chaffey, Luke - Recreation board, #AU2003902596, 2003
Chafe, Christopher D. - Distributed acoustic reverberation for audio collaboration, #US20040205204, 2004

Chaffey TownshipChaffee County, Coloradowoodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee/Chaffey Counties, Cities and Streets:    
- Chaffcombe, Somerset (50.8871N 2.919W).
- Chaffee County is located on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado and was named in 1879 after Jerome Chaffee.  The county's
total population (2004) is 16,936 and the county seat is Salida (38.5378N 105.9985W).  The Chaffee County Courthouse is located at 104 Crestone Avenue, Salida.  The actual state boundary of the intersection of Nebraska-Wyoming-Colorado state (41N 104.05W) was fixed by Oliver Newberry Chaffee in 1869.
- Chaffey Township in Ontario's Muskoka District is located north of the town of Huntsville (45.3204N 79.22W) and was named by Stephen Richards, Commissioner of Ontario  Crown Lands, in honour of his brother-in-law, Benjamin Chaffey Jr.  
- Chaffey Mills and Chaffey Locks (44.578N 76.319W) are located in Ontario.  
- Chaffey Electoral District for the South Australian Government and covers 14,861 sq km (5740 sq miles).  
Chaffee, MO - Aerial Photo- The City of Chaffee, Missouri (37.18N 89.655W) was founded in 1905 and based on the
Chaffee Real Estate Company in St. Louis that was involved in the land purchase.  
- Other US train stations/towns/cities that are called Chaffee are located in New York (42.5673N 78.4794W), Pennsylvania (41.5808N 78.9346W), North Dakota (46.7748N 97.3543W), Washington (46.2608N 119.6069W), California (39.406N 79.163W) and West Virginia (39.406N 79.163W).  
- Chaffee Corners, Pennsylvania (41.8714N 76.1931W).
- Chaffee Village, Fort Hood, Texas (31.1307N 97.7624W).
- Chaffee Ranch, South Dakota (44.5908N 102.8855W).
- Chaffeeville, Connecticut
(41.7953N 72.2087W).
- The town of Chaffey and Chaffey/Foxboro Road is located in Wisconsin (46.406N 92.1668W) and was named after George Chaffey circa 1900.
The George Chaffey Bridge was built in 1981, is two lanes wide, 321 m (1050 foot), 9 span concrete bridge across the Murray River on the Sturt Highway, Mildura (34.1831S 142.1738E).  Nearby is Chaffey Avenue (34.18S 142.157E).  The Chaffey Trail is located in Mildura, 45km long, and tours many of the sites built by the Chaffey brothers; the Old Mildura Homestead, Rio Vista, Mildura Lock and Weir Locks, Mildura Wharf, the Mildura Grand Hotel Resort, Psyche Bend Pumping Station, Big Lizzie and Mildura Wines. 
George Chaffey Bridge over the Murray River, Mildura-
Camp Chaffee Road (34.3629N 119.3174W) was named after Walter Scott Chaffee, the first mayor of Ventura, CA.
Chafe Avenue, Shea Heights, St. John's, NF (47.5449N 52.7113W); Chafe's Lane, St. John's NF (47.5102N 52.7618W).
Chaffey Streets/Roads/Avenues: Welland ON (42.9733N 79.2444W); Brockville, ON (44.5933N 75.6981W); Huntsville ON (45.3298N 79.2119W); Burnaby, BC (49.2354N 123.0074W); Randallstown, MD (39.3757N 76.7811W); Lexington, KY (37.9551N 84.4815W); McLaren Vale, SA (35.1754S 138.5528E); Chaffey Street, Thomastown, VI (37.6905S 145.005E); Wynn Vale, Adelaide, SA (34.8037S 138.6984E); Chaffey Ave, Mildura, VI; Chaffey Lane, Mildura, VI (34.1822S 142.1545E), Chaffey Drive, Chaffey Street, Gladstone, Tasmania (40.9583S 148.0089E).  Chaffey's Lock Road is located on Road, Route #9, Ontario (44.5818N 76.3162W).  Chaffey Street (34.1681S 142.0718E) and Chaffey Park Drive (34.166S 142.0637E) are located in Merbein, VI.
Chaffee Streets/Roads/Avenues: Talladega, AL (33.4305N 86.088W); Ventura, CA (34.2851N 119.2114W); Upland CA (34.0941N 117.63W); Chaffee Station, near Mojave, CA (35.0678N 118.1705W);  Southington, CT (41.6368N 72.873W); Titusville, FL (28.5259N 80.8176W); Jacksonville, FL (30.2936N 81.8486W), (30.2738N 81.8479W) and (30.293N 81.848W); Des Moines, IA (41.5213N 93.616W); Hiawatha, IA (42.0421N 91.6727W); Fort Knox, KT (37.8949N 85.9549W); New Bedford, MA (41.6939N 70.9401W); Waltham, MA (42.3781N 71.2141W); Grand Rapids, MI (42.8914N 85.6528W); St. Louis, MO (38.7044N 90.4368W); Amenia, ND (47.0043N 97.2208W);  Amherst, NY (43.0187N 78.8207W); Yates, NY (43.3694N 78.453W); Harpursville, NY (42.1633N 75.6362W); Albertson, NY (40.7683N 73.6513W), Bronx, NY (40.814N 73.809W); Syracuse, NY (42.9976N 76.1567W); Chaffee Curriers Road, Springville, NY (42.5725N 78.4781W), Chaffee Road-State Road 23, Ridgewood, NY now called 64th Street (40.7038N 73.8936W); Oxford, MA (42.1329N 71.8691W); Sagamore Hills, OH (41.3344N 81.5782W); Uniontown, PA (39.8982N 79.7041W); Providence, RI (41.819N 71.4452W); Rumford, RI (41.838N 71.3513W); Aiken, SC (33.563N 81.7294W); Fort Campbell, TN (36.6435N 87.4423W); Brunswick, TN (35.2657N 89.7737W); Fairfax, VT (44.6564N 72.9754W); Oconomowoc, WI (43.1146N 88.5193W).
Chafee Road, Kingston, RI (41.481N 71.5289W); Chafee Avenue, Augusta, GA (33.4733N 81.9925W); Leesville, LA (31.0756N 93.2029W).
Chaffeeville Road  (41.7956N 72.2088W) leads to Chaffeeville, CT.  
- The following "Chaff" streets are located in England:
Chaffeymoor Hill, Bourton, Dorset (51.0725N 2.3446W); Chaffey Close, Ringwood, Hampshire (50.8495N 1.7685W); Chaffes Lane, Upchurch, Sittingbourne, Kent; Chaffcombe, Copplestone, Crediton, Devon; Chaffcombe Road, Chard, Somerset (50.889N 2.926W); Chaffcombe Road, Birmingham (52.4622N 1.7754W); Chafeys Avenue, Weymouth, Dorset (50.6207N 2.4739W).  Chaffhay Farm is located in Devon near Axminister, 12 km (8 miles) south west of Chaffcombe near the Yarty River (50.8563N 3.0649W).  
- Chaff Lane and Close, Whiston, Rotherham, South Yorkshire was named after the adjacent "Tithe Barn" (53.4054N 1.3286W), a communal threshing barn that had large doors in it to allow the chaff to blow away (c.1600).

Chaffcombe Gate Farm, Chaffcombe, Somerset, England
Chafe Street, St. John's, Newfoundland
Chaffey Street, Welland, Ontario

Chaffey Road, Chaffey, Wisconsin
Camp Chaffee Rd, California

Chaffee St., California

Chaffee College, Rancho Cucamonga, Californiawoodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee/Chaffey/Chafee Public Institutions:  
- Loomis Chaffee School, 4 Batchelder Road, Windsor, Connecticut
(41.844N 72.6399W), was created in a merger between the Loomis Institute (1914) and the Chaffee School for Girls.  
The Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium is located at 272 Pearl Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI (42.9759N 85.6764W). Roger died at Cape Canerval, FL (28.5219N 80.5615W)
The Chaffee Center for the Visual Arts is located at 16 South Main St., Rutland, Vermont (43.608N 72.972W) with the purpose of exhibiting the work of Vermont  artists.
Chaffey-Garcia House signChaffey High School SignChaffey College sign- Chaffee Parks are at 1550 West Rosecrans, Fullerton, CA, (33.8916N 117.9517W) is dedicated to Roger B. Chaffee as well as in Chaffee Park, Denver, CO (39.7765N 105.0106W)and Oconomowoc, WI (43.1145N 88.5173W).
Chaffee Zoo is located at 894 West Belmont Avenue, Fresno, CA (36.753N 119.822W). 
The Chaffee-Burke Elementary School (49.2338N 123.006W) is located at 4404 Sardis Street and is named after pioneer Charles F. Chaffey, who built his family home in Burnaby, BC (c.1902).
The John H. Chafee National Wildlife Refuge, (41.4531N 71.4508W) located near Wakefield, RI, is a 329 acre wildlife refuge of estuaries and tidal saltwater marshes that provides important habitat for wading birds, passerines, terns, gulls, ducks, plovers, sandpipers and rails.  Their office is at 3679 D Old Post Road, Charlestown, RI.  The John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (41.9997N 71.5167W) is a region of 250,000 acres between Worcester, MA and Providence, RI created to promote the area's cultural, historical, business and environmental assets. Their address is One Depot Square Woonsocket, RI.
- Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga is a large shopping complex with a George Chaffey building, a WB Chaffey Building, and the central Chaffey Town Square (34.1119N 117.5327W)
The copper-topped, Portuguese limestone-cladded Chaffey Building forms the east flank of Victoria Garden's central plaza Fort Chaffee and Chaffee Crossing, Arkansas - Chaffey-Garcia house was sold to George Chaffey in 1881, was the cornerstone in the building of Etiwanda, was moved to its present location on 7150 Etiwanda Avenue, P.O. Box 363, Etiwanda, CA, 91739,  in 1985, and is now a museum (34.124N 117.525W).   The Chaffey-Isle House, built by George Chaffey for his mother and sister in 1883, is three doors up the street after being moved in 1998.  The historic church between the two houses has a stained glass window dedicated to the Chaffeys.
The Chaffey Joint Union High School District, in Ontario CA traces its beginnings to 1882 to founder George Chaffey and is located at 11 West Fifth Street, Ontario (34.0813N 117.6518W).  Chaffey College (1883) located at 5885 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (34.1477N 117.5716W) also is tied to George's legacy.  Chafey Adult School is located at 211 W 5th St Ontario (34.0814N 117.653W).  Nearby is Chaffey High School (34.0804N 117.6519W) located at 1245 North Euclid Ave., Ontario, California.  A statue of George Chaffey, sculpted by John Svenson was erected in 2005 and is located on the steps facing North Euclid Ave., centered between the Upland City Hall and the Upland Library at 460 N. Euclid Avenue, (34.0681N 117.6506W).
- Ruth L. Chaffee SchoolRuth L. Chaffee School is located at 160 Superior Avenue, Newington, (41.6828N 72.7149W
The Fort Chaffee Military Reservation (35.3093N 94.3236W), named after Major General Adna R. Chaffee Jr., is 100 square miles (71,359 acres) in area.  In 2004, the U.S. Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Program allocated 7,000 acres of the Fort property for the Chaffee Crossing residential, commercial and industrial development.  The nearby Chaffee Army Airfield is located south east of Fort Smith Municipal airport and appears to be no longer in use (35.3227N 94.2968W).  
- The Old Chaffee County Courthouse (
38.8429N 106.128W) was built in 1883, is located at 511 East Main, Buena Vista, CO and houses a Heritage Museum.  
- The Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is an acute and long-term health care complex located at 224 East Main Street, Springville, NY
(42.510N, 78.67W) and was founded in 1947 through a gift from Bertrand and Jennie B. Richmond Chaffee. 
John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor and John H. Chafee National Wildlife RefugeRoger B. Chaffee Planetarium, Grand Rapids, MichiganThe old Chaffee County Courthouse in Buena Vista.  The building was the county seat until 1928, then a school until 1972, and used for storage until becoming a museum. - Chaffee Creek State Fishery Area, is located in Wisconsin (43.9882N 89.5116W).
Chaffey Secondary College (34.1961S 142.1482E) at 261-289 Deakin Avenue, and a statue to William Chaffey are located along Deakin Ave. at 9th St, Mildura, VI.  Chaffey Park is a cricket ground in Merbein, Australia (34.1711S 142.079E)The Chaffey Theatre is located on Eighteenth Street, Renmark, SA (34.1781S 140.7426E).  Rio Vista Mansion, former Chaffey family home, is located on the corner 199 Cureton Av. and Chaffey Av., Mildura (34.1775S 142.1606E).  A monument to George Chaffey is located in the Ornametal Lakes Park, Mildura
Edwards and Chaffey Wines are situated 7 km north of McLaren Vale township and 8 km from the Australian coast (35.1732S 138.5548E).  
Chaffee Cemetery  is located is located in the north-west quadrant of the junction of Whitman Road and Old Country Road, Town of Lincoln, Madison County, NY (43.083N 75.767W) about 6 miles south of Canastota on the N. Fred Chaffee farm.  There is also a Chaffee Cemetery in Westmoreland, NH (42.96N 72.44W) and near Brasher, NY (44.816N 74.684W)The Chaffee-Peck Cemetery is located on Chestnut Street in Seekonk, MA (41.8187N 71.3105W).  
- Chafee Lot is a cemetery located near Greenwich Rhode Island (41.651N 71.441W) on the west side of Narragansett Bay from Barrington.
The Chaffey-Fennessy House at 52 Chaffey Street in Welland, ON was built in 1913 (42.9733N 79.2444W).  
- An historic Chafee House is located at 914 Milledge Road, Augusta, GA (33.4762N 82.013W)

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee/Chaffey/Chaffe Physical Landmarks:    

Island Chaffee, CA - Aerial PhotoIsland Chaffee Cross Section Island Chaffee, CA - Aerial Photo

Island Chaffee, Seal Beach, California- Island Chaffee (33.7409N 118.1404W), is one of a number of artificial islands used for drilling oil, 0.25 km (0.15 miles) in diameter, located 1.6 km (1 mile) off Long Beach, CA.  The island was named after Roger Bruce Chaffee in 1967.  The island is also known as C-441.
- Chaffee Mountain (43.784N 73.0042W), elevation 780 m (2562 ft), is located 32 km (20 miles) north of Rutland, VT.
- Lake
Chaffee (41.9392N 72.1946W) is a reservoir and recreational lake, 3.3 m (11 feet) deep, 0.5 km (0.3 miles) in diameter, 22 hectares (54 acres), located 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Hartford, CT.  

Chaffee Mountain (2562'),  Lead Mine Mountain (2635') to the north, Nickwaket Mountain (2753') to the south Lake Chaffee, CT - Aerial Photo Chaffey Dam and Reservoir (looking west)
Chafe's Hill, Brigus, Newfoundland, named after Henry George Chafe 1860-1948

- Chafe's Hill (47.5372N 53.2050W) is a predominant rock outcrop located in Brigus harbour, Newfoundland and named after schoolmaster Henry George Chafe (1860-1948) who had his residence nearby.

 Island Chaffee, CA - Topo Map Chafee Mountain, VT - Topo Map Lake Chaffee, CT - Topo Map
Island Chaffee, CA - Aerial Photo Chaffee Mountain, VT - Aerial Photo Lake Chaffee, CT - Aerial Photo
Chaffey Dam and Reservoir Chaffey Dam and Reservoir Chaffey Dam and Reservoir

- Chaffey Dam and Reservoir (31.35S 151.133E) regulates the flow of the Peel River which flows into the Namoi river to the Darling River and then into the Murray River, 1000 km (621 miles) northeast of Mildura, supplying water for the town of Tamworth 44 km (27 miles) to the northeast of New South Wales.  The reservoir is 542 hectares (1339 acres) in area, 2.5 km (1.6 miles) wide, 4.5 km (2.8 miles) long, with a maximum depth of 30 m (98 feet), at an elevation of 519 m (1700 feet) and was built in 1979.
- There are two Chaffee Brook's; Massachusetts (42.334N 72.369W) and Maine (44.524N 69.654W).  
- There are two Chaffee Creek's; New York (42.304N 76.68W) and Wisconsin (43.948N 89.321W).  
- There are two Chaffee Run's; Pennsylvania (41.934N 76.214W) and West Virginia (39.154N 79.436W).
- Chaffee Trail is located in West Virginia (38.708N 79.726W). 
- Chaffee Gulch's occur in Colorado (38.2628N 107.7587W) and Wyoming (44.8002N 106.1592W). 
- Chaffee Well (35.9712N 103.4419W) is located in New Mexico  and Chaffe Ravine (44.054N 91.968W) in Minnesota.
- Chaffey's Point (
42.9018S 147.3374E), now known as Wrest Point, is located 4 km south of Hobart, Tasmania.
- Chaffey's Point (
46.2694N 62.4209W) is also located Prince Edward Island. 
- Chaffey Stream (41.09S 172.540E) is located in Kahurangi National Park, South Island, New Zealand.  
- Titaniferous magnetite iron was mined from until 1871 at Chaffey Mine located near Newboro Lake (44.6242N 76.3272W
) on the Rideau Canal, ON.  The first shipment of ore was transported down the Rideau to Kingston in 1858.  Chaffey's Locks (44.578N 76.319W), Ontario connects Newboro Lake with Opinicon Lake.

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee Lunar Landmarks:  Apollo Crater is located on the far side of the moon and is more than 800 km (500 miles) across.  Six craters in the crater area are named after astronauts; Apollo 8: Jim Lovell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders (the first humans to reach the moon) and Apollo 1, Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee.  Chaffee Crater was dedicated in 1970.  The crater is 49 km (30 miles) across and located at 38.8S, 153.9W. Apollo Crater is of significant interest in moon research because it offers an opportunity to examine the stratigraphy of the lunar crust.  On the basin floor and surrounding areas of the crater a number of rocks appear to be ejecta and underlying material from depths as great as 30 km (18 miles) deep inside the moon.

Apollo and Chaffee Crater - Moon View Moon Crater Detail: White (#2), Grissom (#1), Chaffee (#3)  

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Chaffee Martian LandmarksChaffee Hill on Mars is located 14.3 km (8.9 miles) south-southwest, 199.6 azimuth, of the Mars Exploration Spirit landing site in the Gusev Crater (14.8S 184.8W).  The hill was dedicated in 2004.  Gusev Crater (Aeolis Region, Quadrangle MC23) is a 165 km (103 mile) wide crater that was likely formed three to four billion years ago when an asteroid crashed just south of Mars equator.  To the south of Gusev Crater is the outflow of a valley/channel system called Ma'adim Vallis.  Ma'adim Vallis snakes northward along the Martian landscape for more than 900 km (560 miles), 1.5 times longer than the Grand Canyon, and could have drained mud slurry, water or ice into the crater.  

Spirit's Landing Location - Mars View Spirit's Landing Location - Gusev Crater Spirit's Landing Location - Chaffee Hill Detail Chaffee Hill - Spirit's View

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Non-Related Points of Interest
Though not related to the Chafe surname, there is a crater on Mars named after Chafe, Zamfara State, Nigeria (2004 population, 10,100, (11.953N 6.9221E).  The crater was designated in 1988, is 4.8 kilometres in diameter and is located at 15.3N 257.7W, Amenthes Region, Quadrangle MC14.
Chafe,Zamfara State, Nigeria Chafe Crater. Mars

Chaf, PortugalChafarinas IslandsThough likely unrelated to the Chafe surname, the small church/village of Junta de Freguesia de Chaf is located near the Atlantic coast 7km south of Viana do Castelo, Portugal (41.6515N 8.7996W), 59km north of Porto.  The population in 2000 was 2490.  Its coat of arms contains three red arrows.  Newfoundland and Portuguese fishermen shared the same fishing grounds and visited each others harbours for many years in the 1700's. 

The Chafarinas or Zapparines are a group of islands belonging to Spain off the north coast of Morocco, near the Algerian frontier, 2 miles to the north of Cape del Agna, 3.5 km (2.17 mi) off the Moroccan town of Ra'su l-Ma' (35.1835N 2.4349W).

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Star TrekIn the fictional Star Trek Deep Space Nine( DS9) series, the USS Chaffee is a Type-10 shuttlecraft for the USS Defiant spaceship NX-74205.  Dimensions are  overall length: 9.64 meters, overall beam: 5.82 meters.  Crew complement: 4 persons.  Velocity: cruising - warp factor 3, maximum - warp factor 5.  Standard mission length: 1 week.  Propulsion systems: warp - 2 LF-6 Advanced Compact Linear Warp Drive Units, impulse - 2 FIA Compact Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units.  Weapons: 2 Type V Collimator Phaser Arrays, 2 Mk 25 Direct-Fire Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tubes.  Primary computer system: M-15 Isolinear Ill processor based on a shortened version of the computer core  USS Chaffee, shuttlecraft for the USS Defiant - Star TrekUSS Chafee, Federation Explorer Scout Starship - Star Trekutilized by the Danube-class runabout. Featured in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, season 6, The Sound of Her Voice episode #149.  The Chaffee was destroyed in the Gamma Quadrant in 2376, when piloted by Ensign Prynn Tenmei, it crashed onto an unexplored planet.  The Chaffee was named after astronaut Lt. Cmdr. Roger B. Chaffee.  The USS Chafee, is a Federation Explorer Scout Intrepid-class Starship commanded by Jason Carmody.  The ship was likely named after Rhode Island Governor, John H. Chafee.  In the Original Star Trek (TOS) first season, (airdate January 26, 1967), Tomorrow is Yesterday episode #21, the day after this episode airs, the three Apollo astronauts; Grissom, White, and Chaffee were killed in a fire that swept through the Apollo Command Module during a pre-launch test.  The episode involved Kirk and crew accidentally being warped back in time circa 1967 by a black star, stranded in orbit around Earth and trying to escape detection as a UFO by the US Air Force.  This was the first of many time-travel Star Trek episodes.

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