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Family Coats of Arms


All the coats of arm below are drawings the webmaster designed.  They are based on a shield from another coat of arms.  Leaves have been altered in color.  The shield contents and crest are based on historical information from Diaries of the Chafes by Rev. W.K.W. Chafy, 1910 and Devonshire Wills by Charles Worthy, 1896 and on a photograph of the coat of arms of Thomas Chafe (c.1648) located in St. Giles in the Wood Church, Devon.  Please reference the coat of arms descriptions on this webpage.

A Coat of Arms belongs only to one individual person and can only be used by that person and no one else. In order for a person to be able to use a Coat of Arms it is necessary for that individual person to apply for a personal Coat of Arms to be granted to him or her . What is permitted is for a member of a family to use the clan crest. Usually what is referred to as the family Coat of Arms is in fact the personal Arms of the representative of the family.

Other families sharing the same shield design as on Thomas Chafe's coat of arms (five fusils in fesse) are; Percy, yellow on blue, black on gold; Adam de Newmarch, gold on red, Ralph Daubeney, silver on red; and Pennington, blue on gold.

At this point it is unknown what coat of arms would be suitable to represent the family.  The most recent coat of arms was created in 1822 by William Chafy long after many of the North American forefathers arrived from England. The older coat of arms is found over Thomas Chafe of Dodscott's effigy and predates Chafy's by 174 years. From research on this website the Chafy/Chaffey's predominate in the Sherborne area. The Chafe/Chaff/Chaffe's came from Exeter/Totnes/Buckfastleigh. Thomas Chafe is a known descendant of Robert Chaffe, major of Exeter who is the most ancient known person of distinction in the family line.  

The House of Names website has adopted Chafy's coat of arms as common for all the surnames.  Feel free to cut and paste any of the coats of arms for personal use. The first set is in .jpg format (more colours) and the second set is in .gif transparent format.

 Thomas Chafe Effigy (c.1648) Rev. W.K.W. Chafy (1822)
  Thomas Chafe Effigy (c.1648) Rev. W.K.W. Chafy ( 1822)

Effigy of Thomas Chafe (c.1648) 

House of Names listing for Chaff/Chafe/Chaffe/Chaffey/Chafee/Chaffee and Rerrcy

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Other Coats of Arms on this website drawn by the webmaster

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