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woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Home Page - index.html, http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cabin/1066/

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Family - 1family.html
Seasons Greetings - 3calendar.html
Chafe Family Annual Golf Tournament - 114family_golf.html

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Lineage - 14lineage.html
The Chafe Family Tree - 11familytree.html
The Second Stops of the Chafe Family; Petty Harbour, Brigus and Pool's Island, Newfoundland - 12pettyharbour.html
Origin of the Chafe Family, Devon, England - 13devon.html
The Current Home of this Chafe Family, Beaconsfield, Quebec - 15beaconsfield.html
The Third Stop of the Chafe Family, Greenfield Park, Quebec - 16greenfieldpark.html
The McPhee Family History - 17mcphee.html
The Cousineau Family Lineage - 18cousineau.html
The Cousineau Family Tree - 19cousineautree.html
The Fourth Stop of the Chafe Family, Baie d'Urfe, Quebec - 110baiedurfe.html
Early History of Baie D'Urfe - 111durfe.html
The Windsor Family Lineage - 112windsor.html
Hogmanay and First Footing - 113hogmanay.html
Demographics - Recent Statistics - 115Recent_Demographics.html
Devonshire Wills - 116Devonshire_wills.html
Excerpts from the Diaries of the Chafes - 117WKW_Chafy_Excerpts.html
Chafe Names on the Internet - 118Chafes_on_Internet.html
Chafe Geneology - 119chafe_genealogy.html
145 Regiment - 120 145th_Regiment.html
Mowbray/Mulberry Family Lineage - 121Mulberry.html
A History of Chaffcombe - 122Chaffcombe.html
Chaffee History - 123chaffee.html
Chaffe History - 124chaffe.html
Chaffin/Chase Family History - 125chaffin_chase.html
The Chaffee Genealogy - 126Chaffee_Genealogy.html
Famous Chaffe/Chaffee/Chafe's 1016-1840 - 127famous_chaffees.html
Petty Harbour Anglican Cemetery Analysis - 128church_analysis.html
John Chafe Homestead in Petty Harbour - 130John_Chafe_Homestead.html
Worldwide Distribution of the Chafe Surname - 131worldwidedistribution.html
Famous Chaffe/Chaffee/Chafe's 1900 to 1945 - 132famous_chaffees1900.html
Demographics - Historical Statiistics - 133worldwidedistribution1900.html
Famous Chaffe/Chaffee/Chafe's 1840 to 1900 - 134famous_chaffees1840.html
Famous Chaffe/Chaffee/Chafe's 1945 to Present - 135famous_chaffees1945.html
Chafe Home Page - 136Chafe_Home.html
Notes on John Chafe - 137John_Chafe.html
French Raid on Newfoundland - 138French_Raids.html
Who was Hugu of Chaffcombe? - 139Hugo.html
Edward Chafe Submission to the Longitude Board - 140Edward Chafe.html
Chaffey - 141Chaffey.html
DNA Analysis - 142DNA_Analysis.html
Coat of Arms - 143Coat_of_Arms.html

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Professional - 2professional.html
Resume - Glenn E. Chafe - 21gechafe.html

woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Interests - 4interests.html
Campsites: arrowhead.gif, bonecho.gif, bonnechere.gif, canisbay.gif, carson.gif, charlston.gif, coon.gif, kearney.gif, killbear.gif, mew.gifmurphyspoint.gif, oastler.gif, opeongo.gif, pog.gif, presquile.gif, sandbanks.gif, sharbot.gif, silientlake.gif, silver.gif, tea.gif, whitefish.gif, voyageur.gif
The National Geographic Index - 41geographic.html
Flags on the Internet - 42flags.html
Iroquois History - 43iroquois.html

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McGill Class of 1979-1980 - 51mcgill.html

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Contact Us - 61contact.html

It is the goal of this site to further the knowledge on areas of interest to this family.  The internet is a powerful tool to document and disseminate this knowledge and share information.  At times information may be copied from other web sites, or taken from printed material.  It is not the intent to plagiarize any material, but only to provide a central source of the best information that could find to complete this site.  Content is duplicated and paraphrased from this source material, and put into context for the pages on this site. In doing so it continues our knowledge in case links to this material are discontinued.

Effort has been taken to ensure that the content of this Web site is accurate. However neither accuracy nor completeness can be guaranteed.  If you feel you have not been properly acknowledged or information is incorrect on this site be advise the webmaster by email and adjustments will be made.


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